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Sema EXtra V10.2. (2022)




SEMA eXtra v10.2: The New Improved Version. Category: 2000 OFS - Future 100 Category: Text editors Category: Software that uses Scintilla Category: SCINTILLAERROL PARKER | Editor-at-large | Contact As the nation prepares to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of cannabis becoming legal, one local man has confirmed that he’s moving out of his house and onto the $60k plus a year that comes with working for the government. Gary Claridge, who’s in his mid-40’s, has been with the department since 1994. He told The Advocate that his love of cannabis and his ability to smoke weed on the job has resulted in him being repeatedly promoted to a more senior role, but he’s still a mid-level bureaucrat. “I just got told today that I’m gonna have to start doing my own filing, and managing the funds,” he explained. “I’m sick and tired of doing this shit. I’m gonna go and move in with one of the big bosses. Sure, I’ll probably get busted one of these days for not working, but not for using weed.” “He’ll never find out if I smoke on the job,” he said while wiping tears away from his eyes. More to come. Q: Changing the sql query with an if statement This is the query I currently have. SELECT TOP(100) PERCENT ROW_NUMBER() OVER (ORDER BY [Title]) AS RowNumber, [ItemId] FROM [SalesData].[dbo].[ItemLog] The way it works is that it takes the title of each row and then orders them. I need to change this so that it only orders rows where the condition is true. That is if [Title] is "green" then it orders them in that condition first. Is this possible to do in the SQL Query or do I need to change the design of this table? EDIT: I'm using a view which is queried all the time. The query above is called by this query: SELECT TOP(100) PERCENT [ItemId], [Title] FROM [SalesData].[dbo].[itemlog]




Sema EXtra V10.2. (2022)
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