Our Top Charlotte Pet Artists

Being in a pet centric business, we are asked for referrals for many pet industry services and items. What leashes are the best? Where do we get specific label dog or cat food? What is the best age to bring a new puppy into your home? Do we know a great dog trainer? Most recently, we were asked about ideas for pet memorial gifts. At Indian Land Pet Sitting, we are lovers not only of all creatures, but lovers of original artwork by humans. Here are our top local artists for dog and cat creations. Woof! (We have no affiliation compensation for our referrals and all photos have direct links to the artists)

First, we would like to showcase Custom Portraits by Helen. We found Helen on Instagram and were hooked immediately on her posts of her pet portraits. We think you will be too.

She is currently offering 10% off if you sign up for her email list. Here is the link to her facebook. We think Helen is so gosh darn cute!

Our second artist, although we are listing in no particular order, is Pet Portraits by Bethany. Bethany does a very colorful, whimsical style of pet portraits that brings the pet's personality to life. You can also find Bethany Salisbury on FaceBook.

You can also check out Bethany's great reviews or shop online at Etsy!

Our third recommendation is Painting and Things by Carla.

Carla Garrison-Mattos is a local Charlotte artist who does commission pet portraits. She also hosts online painting events through her facebook page. We find her work very calming and serene. A soft place for your eyes to gaze upon your beloved pet. Carla also has painting events like the cat group painting class held at the Daily Mews Cat Cafe. Purrrific!

Our fourth artist we would like to highlight is Ashley Brickner. Ashley is a pencil portrait artist who lives and works in beautiful Greenville SC. She also has a gallery called Open Art Studios in Greenville. We think her portraits have an elegant simplicity, with exquisite detail. You can also contact Ashley through Facebook or her website for more information on a commissioned work.

Our last artist is Pet Portraits by Olivia. We highly suggest you check out her work. She works in soft pastels. You can find her at her website Pet Portraits by Olivia, or on her beautiful Instagram page. Olivia shares photos of some of her past commissions, in various stages of work on her website. We found that very interesting!

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