Pet Care Service Contract

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1. Client authorizes Indian Land Pet Sitting and it’s representatives to provide care and services in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Service Contract.

2. All new Clients must be scheduled for a meet-and-greet initial consultation. This meeting must be scheduled at least 5 days prior to the service start date. Meet-and-greet sessions will not be scheduled during the week of any public holiday.

3. First Meet-and-Greet is complimentary and there is no charge. If another meeting is required for any reason, there will be a $15.00 update fee.


4. If Client determines that any services scheduled are no longer required, the Client must notify Indian Land Pet Sitting by 5pm the business day prior to scheduled service, otherwise Client will incur a charge equal to one pet sit visit.


5. In the event of an emergency, Indian Land Pet Sitting is hereby authorized to take all measures deemed necessary, in its sole and absolute discretion in caring for Pets and Client’s property.


6. All pet sitting fees are due in advance in full or upon first pet sitting visit. Weekly dog walking services will be invoiced at end of week, with prompt payment expected. Indian Land Pet Sitting accepts credit card and debit card payments only. 


7. If Client plans to extend their trip they must notify Indian Land Pet Sitting a minimum of 12 hours in advance of last pet sit to be put back on schedule. Client agrees to pay all additional charges promptly upon return.


8. If Client plans to shorten trip, they must give Indian Land Pet Sitting a minimum of 12 hours notice to receive a refund or credit on their account.


9. If additional costs for items such as food, litter, cleaning supplies, etc. are incurred for the proper care of the pets, Client agrees to reimburse Indian Land Pet Sitting for the additional charges. An invoice with receipts for the additional charges will be included at the completion of the services, along with a trip charge for the supplies.


10. Client represents that all pets are currently vaccinated in accordance with all local and state regulations.


11. Indian Land Pet Sitting requires two keys at the start of service. Client authorizes Indian Land Pet Sitting to make a duplicate key if only a single key is provided. Client keys will be retained at the end of service. If client requests keys to be returned, there is a $15.00 key return fee. (We are encouraging clients to purchase a lock box to store key at their home)


12. If Client requests a sitter to return keys, or if new keys need to be supplied to Indian Land Pet Sitting, Client will incur a $15.00 pickup fee.


13. If Client has no service activity for a period of 12 consecutive months, the Client’s file will become inactive and Indian Land Pet Sitting will properly store Client’s keys.


14. Client is to notify Indian Land Pet Sitting if anyone else has keys or access to Client’s property during the time the pet sitter is caring for the Client’s homes and pets. Indian Land Pet Sitting cannot be held liable for damage done to the home or pets by others with such access. In addition, Indian Land Pet Sitting shall not be held liable for damage done by pets to either the interior or exterior of the home when the pet sitter is not there.


15. If the pets are not confined to the interior of the home during the pet sitting assignment and are allowed to roam free with a pet door, Indian Land Pet Sitting cannot be held liable for any injury to the pet. Also, we are not liable if a pet does damage or defecates causing damage to the home while we are not present.


16. No dogs will be allowed off leash under any circumstances while outside in unfenced areas or off the Client’s property. If the Client has an invisible fence, the dogs must be leashed.


17. Indian Land Pet Sitting will not walk untrained dogs or in stormy weather.


18. Indian Land Pet Sitting reserves the right to terminate this contract if at any time before, or during its term, the pet sitter in their sole discretion determines that the Client’s pets pose a danger to the health and/or safety of pet sitter.


19. Client grants Indian Land Pet Sitting the right to take photographs of the pets and to copyright, use and publish the same in print and/or electronically without compensation to the Client.


20. Client authorizes Indian Land Pet Sitting to charge client's credit card for any services that remain unpaid once service has commenced .